First Impressions

It's easy to see how people fall in love with this place. Every single corner has a surprise around it. History seeps from every brick, every cobble and even the places where there now seems to be nothing. I've walked 10km, taken a few hundred photos, spent time in places I've read about as a [...]

First trip of 2018

I arrived in Rome late last evening and after dinner I went for what was intended to be a quick walk. It turned into a long walk because around every single corner is something spectacular. I'm here for the next three days and I plan to see a heckuva lot. Starting in the morning with [...]

A few days in London The drawback of living in the Channel Islands is that you've got to head to the UK to be able to get anywhere else, and most of the time that means Gatwick Airport. If you want to see a show, a concert or an exhibition then London is the most accessible place to go. [...]

2017 – Highs and Lows

What a gig. Half concert, half multimedia, laser, video, lightshow…. thing. 100% brilliant Northern Lights in Tromso – 21/9 Less than 20 hours later and I’m sitting outside in freezing temperatures with my camera on a tripod and waiting for nightfall and a possible glimpse of the Northern Lights deep in the Arctic Circle. Eventually [...]